There are polls on Telegram about channel blocking in Ukraine and Russia 19:50

Since April 29, 2024, Telegram users in Russia and Ukraine began to receive surveys from messaging moderators about blocking political channels. In this respect reports Telegram channel Tginfo.

Russian users asked, “Should channels that spread Ukrainian propaganda against Russians be blocked?” The question was given three answer options: “yes”, “no” and “I am not from Russia”. In response, Ukrainians are asked whether it is necessary to block channels that spread Russian propaganda.

Approximately 2 thousand people participated in the surveys when the news was published on the Tginfo channel. Interim results for each country were approximately the same. So, 70% of those surveyed in Russia voted to block, 27% voted against, and another 3% preferred the option “I am not from Russia.” In the case of Ukraine, similar responses were received at 76%, 21% and 3%, respectively.

“The number of votes shows that the polls were sent to a very narrow test sample; Less than two thousand users participated in both surveys. What is interesting is that in both the Ukrainian and Russian polls, majorities support blocking,” Tginfo writes.

Shortly before this, Pavel Durov talked about blocking some news channels in Ukraine in order to combat propaganda.

Previously Durov appreciated He received an analysis of his chakra from a fortune teller and subscribed to her on Instagram (owned by the Meta company, it is known as extremist and banned in Russia).

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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