Pavel Durov announced the closure of Telegram channels for Ukrainian users 18:08

In the near future, Telegram, at Apple’s request, may limit access to some Russian channels in messaging for users whose accounts are linked to SIM cards registered in Ukraine. About this on your English Telegram channel said Creator of the messenger Pavel Durov.

According to Durov, Telegram is receiving letters from Apple stating that some changes may be inevitable here. At least for users accessing the messaging app on iPhone from Ukrainian SIM cards.

“As I explained in my interview, Telegram needs to take into account requests from application stores in order for its users to access it,” Durov wrote.

The head of Telegram also stated that he proposes to separate channels in Russia and Ukraine in February 2022, after the launch of SVO. However, according to him, both Russian and Ukrainian users strongly opposed this initiative.

Russians before warned About a new fraud scheme to make money on Telegram.

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Source: Gazeta


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