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Recently, people have become very interested in watching bad news on the Internet. This is called doomscrolling and is a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder as well as internet and gadget addiction. Psychologist Dmitry Deulin, dean of the Faculty of Extreme Psychology at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, told socialbites.ca that forced switching of smartphones to airplane mode when communicating within the family circle can help in the fight against this type of addiction.

“The abundance of digital technology makes it difficult to communicate with people in real life. For children, it prevents normal socialization and integration into society and increases the level of aggression and anxiety. In this regard, preventive measures and adherence to “digital hygiene” are important, in which the person independently regulates offline and online modes. You can install a “screen time restriction” program on your smartphone that will forcefully turn off the Internet if you abuse your time online. This is especially true for minors,” Deulin said.

To combat internet and gadget addiction, creating a “digital detox” program can help. This can be any socially useful activity outside the digital sphere: playing sports, chatting with friends, walking in nature, reading your favorite print book, etc.

“You need to determine the time period during which you can forcibly disable mobile Internet functions on your device and strictly adhere to this rule. You can agree with your loved ones on the rules of using gadgets. The psychologist recommended switching your smartphone to “airplane mode”, for example, while eating, talking, or getting ready for bed.

Additionally, digital interactions should be transferred to analog mode as much as possible. Try to organize meetings, training sessions, communications, conferences and the like with face-to-face and “live” interaction.

“It is important to monitor your Internet history, develop the ability to overcome addiction to gadgets and the Internet in general. You can engage in offline communication with friends and loved ones, being in nature, visiting parks, museums, playing sports, socially useful activities, etc. take more time. The expert noted that today we need a person to make a rational turn towards the offline society, otherwise we will experience a catastrophic “digital autism”.

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