Researchers determined Russians’ smartphone preferences 12:03

The majority of Russians (74%) purchase smartphones based on the Android operating system, and only 18% of the country’s residents prefer iOS. This conclusion was reached by analysts of the Megamarket market and the Rambler&Co media holding, who studied the preferences of Russians when choosing a smartphone.

According to the research, 4 percent of the participants prefer Windows Phone and other operating systems, while 4 percent use push-button phones.

Additionally, analysts found that nearly half of survey respondents replace their devices less than once every 5 years. 40% are not ready to spend more than 20 thousand rubles to buy a new smartphone.

According to analysts, 48% of Russians decide to buy a new device due to inappropriate technical characteristics of their old phone: small memory, old camera or weak battery.

Another 35% of Russians buy a new phone if their old smartphone breaks and cannot be repaired. Only 17% buy a new device when the old device becomes obsolete or for other reasons.

For 37% of Russians, an important factor when choosing a new device was the amount of memory; Brand is important for only 16% of survey respondents.

About 12% of Russians reported paying attention to processor specifications, while 8% reported focusing on the device’s operating system. Less popular parameters were the quality of the camera and the size of the device; 7% of participants pay attention to these features.

The appearance of the gadget, its compatibility with other devices and the ability to support certain applications are evaluated by only 13% of respondents at the time of purchase.

The leading brands in smartphone sales in the mobile phone category in Megamarket were Apple, Xiaomi and Samsung.

It also turns out that men are more likely to buy smartphones; They make more than 55% of purchases.

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Source: Gazeta


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