Sber announced that it started selling new generation smart TVs 10:30

According to Sber’s press service, Sber has started producing Sber Line S smart TVs based on miniLED technology.

In total, TVs are represented by 30 models with miniLED screens, improved sound, new RAM and the Russian Salyut TV operating system.

The development of smart devices is carried out by Sber’s partner SberDevices.

“Smart TVs are a segment of consumer electronics that shows high demand dynamics among Russian consumers,” said Denis Filippov, CEO of SberDevices.

He added that SberDevices will further develop the Salyut TV system and strengthen its integration with GigaChat.

“We see a steady increase in the share of the Salyut TV operating system in the Smart TV segment, which was 6.4% at the end of last year,” Filippov said.

happened before knownHe said that sales of smart home products in Russia will increase by 90% in 2023.

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Source: Gazeta


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