Brazil also wants to force Apple to switch to USB-C

In Brazil, public discussions have started about the standardization of chargers. It is proposed to make this standard uniform and mandatory for all smartphones sold in the country.

At the beginning of June, the European authorities were obliged to do this on the territory of the EU. This is expected to reduce the amount of e-waste. Then a similar initiative was launched in the United States, but there everything was limited to a proposal to the Department of Commerce to introduce a single standard for chargers.

Keep in mind that USB-C is a standard connector for Android smartphones, so only Apple will have problems. At the same time, insiders say the iPhone 16 will get USB-C. The release is expected in the fall of 2024. Although solutions with such a port are already being tested.🤓 The Duma called for import replacement of Unreal Engine and Unity

Source: VG Times


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