Names of items used as vibrators by women in East Germany 13:41

Women living in East Germany used coffee grinders and electric shavers instead of sex toys; This was the conclusion that Nadine Beck, doctor of cultural studies from the University of Marburg, reached after conducting research. The scientist talked about his work news portal Mittdeldeutsche Zeitung (MZ).

The first sex shop in East Germany opened in 1990, three months before the country’s reunification. Later, according to the store owner, people ordered erotic magazines, video tapes and sex toys in bulk. However, before the store opened, women were using scrap materials as toys for adults. The researcher interviewed more than 50 women living in East Germany. They told him that they used everyday items such as the Comet MA-1 massager, the VEB Bergmann-Borsig Berlin electric shaver and the SWM II electric coffee grinder for sexual gratification.

According to Beck, all these items were exhibited at the Museum of Erotic Art in Hamburg, and the exhibition will later be exhibited in other cities in Germany.

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