Yandex trained neural networks to protect Internet users from scammers 07:59

Yandex has added neural networks to Yandex Browser that check the security of sites in real time and help protect users from Internet fraudsters trying to steal data through phishing sites. Instant site checking helps track down fake resources, even if they are newly created and no one has visited yet. was informed about this by the Yandex press service.

Neural networks built into the browser check the site and initiate additional analysis if it looks like a phishing site. Algorithms control hundreds of factors: for example, when the resource was created, how often it is visited, how much time is spent on it, and more. If a site is really dangerous, Yandex Browser warns users that it is better not to visit it.

“Yandex Browser records 1.5 million attempts to visit phishing resources every day. The company reported that 90 percent of cases were relays made from a mobile phone, including instant messengers, letters and applications.

In addition, Yandex added that neural networks also protect users against new types of phishing that constantly emerge. Sites imitating banking applications and platforms for working with crypto exchanges, which have recently disappeared from stores, have become widespread.

Previously Russian travel business collided with major hacker attacks.

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Source: Gazeta


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