Telegram will launch full monetization at 15:34 in March

Pavel Durov on the English Telegram channel Du Rove’s Channel announced About the upcoming launch of monetization on Messenger. The system will come into effect in March.

“Next month, owners of Telegram channels will be able to start receiving cash rewards for their work,” Durov said. According to him, the messenger gets more than 1 trillion views every month.

At the same time, only 10% of channel traffic currently generates revenue through the official Telegram advertising platform. In March, users from nearly a hundred new countries will be able to benefit from the ad placement service. Owners of the channels where ads will be displayed will receive 50% of Telegram’s revenue from publishing ads.

To ensure the efficiency and security of financial transactions, Telegram will use the TON blockchain. According to Durov, channel owners will be able to generate income on Toncoin, which will allow authors to safely withdraw their funds or “reinvest in the promotion and modernization of their channels.”

Durov did not specify whether users of paid Telegram Premium subscriptions who do not see ads in Messenger will somehow earn money.

Previously WhatsApp developers espionage another popular Telegram feature.

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Source: Gazeta


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