2023 was an extraordinary year in terms of hacker attacks in Russia 08:36

The number of Russian companies facing DDoS increased by 40% in 2023. At the same time, the total number of such attacks decreased by a third (to 306 thousand) and the distribution between sectors became more even. Alexey Pashkov, head of WAF and Anti-DDoS at the Solar group of companies, told socialbites.ca.

In 2023, the distribution of DDoS per organization stabilized and ranged from 50 to 120 attacks per month. A year ago, the range ranged from 118 to 685 attacks per month. The list of sectors most frequently attacked by attackers has also changed slightly. While logistics, telecom and medicine ranked first in 2022, telecom, informatics and logistics ranked first in 2023.

“It is telecom operators that are more likely to encounter strong DDoS than others, since the existence of an operator’s communication channels affects not only its business but also its customers (both citizens and legal entities). Representatives of the IT sector are also threatened, as they increasingly provide certain cloud services and the unavailability of their resources directly affects customers’ business processes,” Pashkov explained.

Solar statistics also showed that the average DDoS duration decreased significantly during the year: in 2022 it was 19 days, and in 2023 it was just over 1 day. Average power remained almost unchanged. At the same time, another record was set last year in terms of maximum indicators: the strongest attack was 1000 Gbit/s (1Tbit/s), the longest attack was 278 days (9 months). A year ago these figures were 768 Gbit/s and 83 days (2.7 months), respectively. Therefore, 2023 can be called extraordinary in terms of DDoS attacks.

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Source: Gazeta


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