Samsung showed off a “smart” ring that measures a person’s vitality 15:38

Samsung gave a detailed presentation of the Galaxy Ring, a smart ring that is a more compact alternative to a fitness tracker, during the Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC) technology fair in Barcelona. In this respect reports CNBC broadcast.

According to Samsung Vice President Hong Pak, Galaxy Ring is equipped with various sensors that can measure a person’s heart rate and also track their movements. Based on the data received, the device will transfer information about heart function, breathing, sleep quality and more to the mobile application. Analysis of all this data will allow Galaxy Ring to display the user’s vitality quotient, which will reflect their physical and mental readiness for the day that begins.

Essentially, the Galaxy Ring will be a smaller fitness tracker without watch features or a notification screen. Park said the development of the device was motivated by consumer demand for diversity in the wearable technology space. The senior executive said that Galaxy Ring could either be a fully autonomous device or accompany a smartwatch. Another new product can be used for contactless payments.

It is unknown at what stage the development of Galaxy Ring is. However, according to Park, the devices will be released this year. The prices of the new product are kept secret.

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