The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle hits consoles and adds Spanish to the game

ZeniMax Online Studios, which adhered to the program meticulously, shared the last part of the epic (TESO) with its followers.The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle‘ for Xbox and PlayStation. It also comes in Spanish (texts and subtitles) at the end of the game, which coincides with the launch. But for now, we’re focusing on this new corner of The Elder Scrolls world, which also features a new story focused on political intrigue. High Island is the perfect place for alliance delegates to engage in peace talks to end the War of the Three Banners. As the Noble Unbreakable Society celebrates its summit, players will need to be mindful of the Ascending Order and their motivations.

With this argument, the developer aims to let more than 20 million users driven by the format enjoy an island location inspired by medieval culture and architecture, with castles and jousting grounds. The Systres archipelago is an unexplored region inspired by the Mediterranean coast. Here is the setting of the High Island, home to the Bretons, descendants of the union between humans and elves. The elite live in the feudal zone of the bay, which is the nerve center of all political events on the island.

If you’re among the fans of the title, last year ‘TESO’ introduced comrades, an expanding roster with Ember, a street-raised Khajiit with a particular talent for magic, and Isobel, a Breton enthusiastic knight who feels called to do good. This year, the card game “Homage Stories”, which can be played in the ESO world, is also expected to be released. It is an original resource hoarding game with PvP and PvE options, invented on High Island. You can watch the ‘High Isle’ launch trailer below to get a better idea.

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