Russian government calls for learning to extract fresh water from rainfall 17:11

Due to the scarcity of drinking water, the technology of obtaining it from atmospheric precipitation is particularly important. This was stated by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko in an interview with the TV channel. “Solovyev Live”.

Abramchenko noted that in the future, such a technology for extracting moisture could be an excellent alternative to methods such as melting glaciers and extracting water from clean reservoirs.

“I wouldn’t want to melt the ice or the Baikal bottle,” the politician said.

Drawing attention to the importance of transition to smart water management, he described working with fresh water obtained from rainfall as the first step on this path.

In January, an international team of researchers from Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia and other countries found that global warming threatens The largest reserves of drinking water in the world are found in caves around the world.

Previous scientists warned We face the risk of extinction of a quarter of freshwater fish due to global warming.

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Source: Gazeta


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