It has been announced when the world’s first stable quantum computer will be put into operation 14:34

American startup QuEra from Harvard University plans to launch the world’s first fault-tolerant quantum computer by the end of 2024. This was reported by portal Live Science.

The project’s quantum machine will have 256 physical qubits and 10 logical qubits. Logic qubits reduce errors in quantum computers by storing the same data in different locations.

While traditional computers store information in bits with a value of 0 or 1, quantum computers use qubits (quantum bits) in which, in addition to 0 and 1, there is a third value in the form of a superposition between the first and second. Options. This approach allows calculations to be performed in parallel rather than sequentially as implemented in standard computer systems. Therefore, quantum computers work much faster than classical computers.

However, qubits are quite unstable compared to bits. While the failure rate in traditional computers is 1 error per 1 billion billion bits, approximately one in every 1000 qubits fails. The high failure rate of qubits makes them difficult to scale.

QuEra said they were able to significantly reduce the error rate in qubits through quantum correction. The new system is based on data redundancy, where the same information is stored in multiple places. Logical qubits copy computational processes, so if one of them fails, the others can continue calculating.

The new qubits represent a significant advance over previous efforts. In 2023, Google’s Quantum AI Lab showed a 2.9% error rate using three logical qubits. Quera has a 0.5% error rate with 48 logical qubits. Oxford University, the world leader so far, achieved an error rate of less than 0.01%; but only between modules of two qubits.

QuEra plans to launch a machine with more than 10 thousand physical qubits and 100 logical qubits in 2026, whose computing power will surpass all modern supercomputers.

Previously at IBM warned About the threat to global cybersecurity due to the introduction of quantum computers.

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