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“Esports is for young people. In Dota 2, old age in sports comes at 25.”


policy influence

— How have relations with the global esports community changed?

– If we are talking about an international federation, then our Ukrainian colleagues petitioned to expel us from there. However, Congress rejected this. But, of course, we did not manage to avoid the penalties completely. We can participate in international competitions, but we cannot use the colors of our flag and logos of some partners.

– How long it will take?

“At least five years. Now is the era of global change. But I sincerely believe that e-sports remains one of the best means of bringing young people together. We plan to increase the number of international esports competitions held in Russia. And young boys and girls from all over the world can participate in these competitions. We invite you without any political restrictions.

Having equipment problems?

– Yes and no. We have a stock of equipment for personal computers. It will take several years. However, we are having problems with consoles. For example, PlayStation 5 is hard to get right now.

– What are the three main tasks of the Russian eSports Federation at the moment?

– Organization of sports sections, training of coaches and organizing international competitions.

Best to start at 12

– Do you want to make eSports part of the school curriculum, how is this initiative going?

– There will be no mandatory program. We are opening departments in some schools. There are conditions. The first is parental permission, the second is good academic performance, and the third is no physical education debts. If all these are met, the child is allowed to attend classes.

– And who buys the equipment?

– The purchase of equipment is carried out by an educational institution in accordance with the laws in force.

— What is the average cost of a computer for a novice esports player?

– A home computer is also suitable for beginners. If we’re talking about professionals, that’s a different story. For example, it is believed that the human eye does not notice processes that take less than a tenth of a second. However, eSports players have their own “superpowers”. It is extremely important for a professional that the response time of the monitor does not exceed two milliseconds, therefore, when a person engages in professional sports, he has to purchase modern equipment. On average, a PC for an advanced athlete costs 100 thousand rubles, and for a top professional the cost can already approach a million.

— Your son is 9 years old, is he into some kind of eSports?

— It’s not eSports, but for now it’s more like a passion for gaming, first Minecraft, then Brawl Stars, I recently showed him Clash Royale. We’ve now established that he likes racing and turn-based strategies. In my opinion, a very good combination, one improves reaction and decision-making speed, and the other improves tactical skills.

– The minimum age to participate in competitions is now 14. What do you think, at what age should you start playing eSports?

– If we talk about most disciplines, then from the age of 12. We are currently in dialogue with the Ministry of Health on this issue. However, you need to be more careful about the minimum age in tactical 3D fights.

Most countries have an authority responsible for age marking games. We don’t have that, each publisher sets their own restrictions. And they are often unfairly underestimated.

– How is the dialogue with the Ministry of Health going?

The principle of “do no harm” applies here. Before anything is recognized, time must pass, research is needed. It’s a long process, I don’t want to do it fast, I want to do it well.

What to do after the end of a career

– All sports have some type of injury, for example, runners suffer from knee injuries. What about esportsmen?

– The vision is back here, definitely at risk. The danger is the “tunnel syndrome”. And if you don’t know the risks, these problems will definitely arise.

If you warn them, do gymnastics for the eyes, maintain your posture, buy high-quality equipment, a chair, a mouse, then these can be avoided.

– What is the retirement age of an esports player?

– Somewhere around 25 years, somewhere around 50. For example, Hearthstone does not need reaction speed, but experience and a clear mind are required. If we are talking about Dota 2 or CS:GO, sports old age comes at 25. There are exceptions, some continue to perform even at the age of 30. The reaction speed is not the same, of course, but they draw on experience, intuition and leadership qualities.

In general, esports is a youth sport.

— Where should an esports player go after his career ends?

– We have collected quite a lot of statistics over the last 20 years and this clearly shows that guys who succeed in eSports, as a rule, do well in everyday life.

Esports allows you to develop practical skills that are very useful in real life. These include resilience to stress, the ability to make important decisions in conditions of incomplete information and severe lack of time, the ability to work as a team, to take responsibility, to communicate confidently, to act correctly in conflict situations, and to accurately assess one’s mistakes in interaction. with people.

Because of this, many esports players become very successful leaders and even senior managers.

Also, eSports has a practical plane. For example, drones are now actively entering all areas of life, we have a discipline such as “technical simulator”. These are competitions in racing and high-speed drone control. We even have nearly a year of intensive training experience that allows us to learn the “drone operator” profession. So after a year of training on the computer, you can fully control a real drone. And that’s spraying fields, shooting weddings and even military space. So in modern life there is a completely real, well-paid and very popular profession that has arisen directly from esports.

— How long does it take to train an esports player?

– Depends on the level.

If this is an amateur team or first sports division, 4 hours a week. If we are talking about semi-professionals, this is already up to four hours a day. For athletes competing in international competitions, there is a full 8-hour working day.

But they don’t sit at the PC for all 8 hours. They analyze and analyze their own and others’ games, make tactical preparations, and also prepare physically.

— Your website has an anti-doping section, is there such a place in esports?

– Facilitate reaction, thinking, etc. There are drugs that can speed it up. There are also various computer programs that take advantage. In general, we fight doping like any other sport. Our athletes receive training, testing and certification from the Russian anti-doping agency RUSADA.

According to Dmitry Smith, founder and one of the leaders of the Russian Computer Sports Federation (FCS), you can start playing e-sports from the age of 12. In an interview with socialbites.ca, he also talked about possible injuries of cyber-athletes, doping and the fight against it, the cost and parameters of the necessary equipment.

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