After Europeans, US politicians start fighting against Apple chargers

US senators sent a letter to the US Secretary of Commerce calling for a single port for chargers. informs GSMArena portal with link to document.

In early June, representatives of the EU Council and European Parliament identified the Type-C connector as a single charging port for smartphones, tablets, cameras and other electronic devices, which will be sold in the region from autumn 2024.

The letter, written by Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren, called for the introduction of a standard charging port for devices to combat pollution and overcome users’ economic hardships.

Politicians believe it’s a financial burden to pay for proprietary charging, as it forces users to buy different chargers for each device they own.

The company that will suffer the most from the adoption of the uniform charging connector is Apple – many of the company’s devices use proprietary Lightning chargers. According to some insiders, Cupertino has already tested USB-C on future iPhone models. Most of the other electronics manufacturers in the majority have switched to USB Type-C.

Formerly saidThe new cheap iPad will get an 11-inch screen and USB-C.

Source: Gazeta


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