Here are the hidden functions of Android 12 that you did not know

Today, technology continues to advance unstoppably, and manufacturers surprise us every time. more complete, comfortable and powerful products. Electronic devices are increasingly in demand, and companies bring new products to market every year to meet consumer expectations.

The ‘smartphones’, tablets, computers and other products of recent years are so complete it is difficult for the average customer to unlock their full potential. It happens with products that carry the same thing. android 12Google’s latest phone operating system available on a wide variety of mobile phones.

This evolution of Android 11 brings new privacy tools, a new redesign that provides a more redefined aesthetic, improved security, refreshed widgets among its innovations… the user does not know some of its hidden features and they will certainly be very useful.

Application Design

This innovation that Android 12 brings to us will definitely be invaluable by older people or people with some kind of vision problem. On phone home screens, app icons usually appear in a 4×4, 5×5, or 6×6 layout. This new version will change this provision and Set 2×2 with larger icons.

notification history

On the other hand, let’s also mention that Android 12 brings us closer to the solution of such a common problem: We unintentionally delete a notification that interests us. This version allows us to access notification history via a button to see notifications from last 24 hours as well as recently deleted alerts.

An operating system to play

An operating system that deals with game mode. splash

The phone is an essential tool for many jobs and is essential for staying in touch with friends, family, and other loved ones. But why not tell, it is also a device for escaping and having a good time playing. Google is aware of this and is rolling out Android 12. An optimized game mode that will improve the user experience. This way the ‘smartphone’ will enable the ‘Do not disturb’ option while playing the game so we don’t get distracted by anything. We have to enable this mode from the phone settings: ‘Settings’-> ‘Notifications’-> ‘Do not disturb’-> ‘Programs’. When we come to the ‘Programs’ tab, we need to tick the box next to Game Mode to turn it on. Next, tap on the Settings gear icon and toggle both items.

Share WiFi with QR code

This operating system allows you to share access to a Wi-Fi network with a QR code. That way, it’s as easy as scanning it on another cell phone to access it.

Big phones are more manageable

Currently, many mobile phones are growing, something that favors us when it comes to watching movies and series, playing games or taking pictures, among other things. However, this feature, which is very positive for some things, also complicates our work, for example, when typing with one-handed keyboard.

This new feature of Android 12, move the top half It makes it easy to tap whatever is on the screen down to the bottom half, the quick settings tile or the notification. To use it, we have to put our finger on the little bar at the bottom of the phone screen and slide it down.

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