Telegram has new features 17:21

Telegram developers have released a new version of messaging that adds a number of new features. In this respect reports “Durov Code” publication.

In the new version, it is now possible to limit incoming messages for paid Telegram Premium subscription owners. For example, you can make sure that messages only come from people in your phonebook. Other users cannot post anything.

We also changed some privacy settings. Now Telegram Premium users will be able to hide their “Online” status and still see it for others. You can also create a “black” list of people who will not be able to see the status even though they have paid Premium.

The general innovation is that you can now see in chats exactly when the recipient read the message. By default, users can only see that a message has been opened without specifying the exact time.

Telegram is a popular instant messaging tool developed, among other things, by Russian programmer and entrepreneur Pavel Durov. More than 800 million people use this service monthly.

Previously on WhatsApp for iPhone seen new feature.

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Source: Gazeta


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