Russia will win $500,000 in the “Battle of Robots” final 10:54

In the super final “Battle of Robots” to be held in Kazan between 24-26 February 2024, 16 teams and their devices from 11 countries will compete for a prize fund of 500 thousand dollars at the January rate. 18 is equal to 44.3 million rubles. The press service of Promobot company, one of the organizers of the competition, informed about this.

Professional engineers, students of leading technological universities and enthusiasts from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Iran, Turkey, UAE, India and China are allowed to participate in the super final of the “Battle of Robots”. There were also four teams that qualified for the super final based on their performance in the knockout stages and the championship final. These include Roc from China, DS Robotics “Turbomechatronics” from India and St. Featuring Energy Girls from St. Petersburg.

The final was preceded by two qualifying rounds, in which 58 teams from 19 regions of Russia, as well as Kazakhstan, China, India and Turkey participated.

In 2023, the “Battle of Robots” became part of the “Games of the Future” sports program and was approved as an annual event by order of the Russian government. Robot Battle matches take place in a special high-tech ring where robots deal mechanical damage to each other. Each fight lasts three minutes, after which the jury evaluates the level of damage inflicted on the mechanical “fighters” and determines the winner.

Previous scientists offered A method to save hedgehogs from robotic gardening equipment.

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Source: Gazeta


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