Samsung introduced Galaxy S24, the first mobile phone to integrate Google’s artificial intelligence

mobile phones with artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) they are already here. After months of waiting and rumors, SAMSUNG presented this wednesday Samsung Galaxy S24her ‘smart phone‘ newest generation and the first to integrate technology most advanced productive Google.

Signed a cooperation agreement with the South Korean giant Google Cloudbranch of cloud computingto provide new text, audio and video functions to your devices Geministrong model Generative AI The American tech multinational announced this last December.

The Galaxy S24 series, the brand’s best mobile phone to date, will show a significant improvement over conventional models Applications Thanks to Google AI. This applies to Keyboard, Notes or Voice Recorder. The latter, for example, will now be able to write down the highlights of what they have recorded in writing. “Google and Samsung share a deep belief that technology should be more useful and accessible to everyone,” said Deputy General Manager Janghyun Yoon. Samsung Electronics.

Main News

This alliance will allow Samsung Galaxy S24 users to interact with their mobile phones in a “more practical way.”

One of the main new features relates to searches. Now Android device users will no longer need to go to the Google search engine, they will be able to get information about any object or word by simply circling it or touching the screen with their finger. For example, if you like the shoes you see in a video YouTube This simple action will give you more details about the make and model.

Another innovation of the Galaxy S24 that will be possible thanks to Gemini will be the automatic translation of texts or the creation of messages according to the instructions ordered by the user. ChatGPTor create emojis based on your photos. Android Auto, an assistant that will speed up user communication while driving, will do the same.

What was said about the new team?

The new Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 unlock new mobile experiences with artificial intelligence and usher in an era that transforms how mobile devices make life easier for users. Artificial intelligence (AI) enhances nearly every experience on the Galaxy S24 series, from enabling seamless communication with predictive text and call translations to increasing creative freedom with Galaxy’s ProVisual Engine or setting new search standards that help explore the world around us from another perspective.

“The Galaxy S24 series is transforming our connection to the world and ushering in a new decade of mobile innovation,” he said. T.M. Roh, President and director of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “Galaxy AI is poised to continue our tradition of innovation and deep understanding of how people use their phones.”

“As Samsung, we are aware that artificial intelligence must go beyond devices and personally touch every aspect of our lives,” he said. David Alonso, manager of the Mobile Experience area at Samsung Electronics Iberia. “With this launch, we are starting a new era in which Samsung will be the reference in the integration of artificial intelligence into users’ lives, and we will do this in some way. open, sustainable, inclusive but above all safe”.

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