The Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation hopes to return to the frozen digital passport project

Maksut Shadayev, head of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, said that the agency hopes to return to the issue of issuing digital passports in the foreseeable future. This has been reported DEA News”.

Speaking on the sidelines of SPIEF, the Minister said, “We have postponed this issue for now as there are more serious pressing issues… We hope to come back to this when we resolve them.”

Last week, the Ministry of Digital froze The project of issuing digital passports for an indefinite period on the background of a Russian special operations in Ukraine. Issuance of electronic passports planned to start at the beginning of next year in three regions of Russia – Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as in Tatarstan.

The document was supposed to be a contactless chip card with passport data. It will also be possible to enter the data of the TIN, SNILS or driver’s license number in it.

Source: Gazeta


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