The name of a device that can replace smartphones in the near future has been determined 22:55

The name of a device that can replace smartphones in the near future has been determined 22:55

Major technology companies in the United States are considering Google Glass headset-style smart glasses as a new consumer device that will eventually replace smartphones. This job was reported by oppression Financial Times (FT).

The idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwearable headphones in the form of glasses with Internet access and various multimedia features appeared about 10 years ago, but all attempts to make such devices generally popular were unsuccessful and the concept was mostly forgotten.

The industry’s renewed interest in smart glasses is due to the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Developers and device manufacturers hope that constant, easy access to ChatGPT-style virtual assistants will appeal to consumers.

In 2021, the famous eyewear and accessories brand Ray-Ban, together with the company Meta (banned in the Russian Federation for extremism), launched a series of sunglasses with a camera and speakers on the frame. And in September 2023, the second version of the devices was released, powered by the ability to call the AI ​​assistant. It also lacks the glasses themselves
displays and other capabilities for working in augmented reality.

“We see incredible potential [«умных» очков]Especially if you use voice and broad language models as the interface,” said Cristiano Amon, CEO of chipmaker Qualcomm.

Big players are joining the competitive race in this segment. Samsung’s registration of “Samsung Glasses” and “Galaxy Glasses” trademarks in the US and UK has sparked speculation that the South Korean technology giant may be working on its own smart glasses.

Formerly German automaker BMW launched smart glasses for drivers.

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