The world’s most sensitive “fox tail” detector was created 20:10

Researchers at the Korean Standards and Science Research Institute in South Korea have developed the world’s highest sensitivity toxic gas sensor. The article was published in the scientific journal magazine Small Buildings.

New sensor can monitor nitrogen dioxide (NO) levels2) in the air with low power consumption and extremely high accuracy. The device can be applied in various industrial fields for detecting residual gases in semiconductor manufacturing and electrolysis processes.

NO2 It is formed during the combustion of fossil fuels and is released along with vehicle exhaust gases or factory emissions. Nitrogen dioxide is particularly toxic, being considered a strong oxidizing agent and, in large doses, a strong inorganic poison. Inhalation of particles irritates the respiratory tract and may cause pulmonary edema.

presence of NO2 It can be observed as plumes called “foxtails”, which are orange-brown feathers rising above the chimneys of industrial enterprises.

According to the authors of the development, the new detector is 60 times more sensitive than existing semiconductor analogues due to the use of MoS nanomaterial.2. It is a branched three-dimensional structure that resembles a tree crown. Experiments showed that the device detects NO2 It is a substance unique in the world, with its content in the atmosphere being only 5 parts per billion and its limit being 1.58 parts per billion.

The technology to produce nanomaterials makes it possible to change their electrochemical properties, which can be used for detectors of other gases and compounds, the researchers noted.

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Source: Gazeta


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