“Smart insulin” injection technology developed 04:43

Chinese scientists from Zhejiang University have created and tested “smart insulin” technology designed to reduce the number of injections to maintain glucose levels in the body of people with type 1 diabetes. The study was published in the scientific journal magazine Nature Biomedical Engineering (NBE).

The new drug is based on a form of insulin modified with gluconic acid, which forms a complex with a polymer through chemical bonds and strong electrostatic attraction. When a drug remains within the polymer, its signaling function is blocked, allowing a week’s volume to be administered into the body in a single injection without the risk of overdose. In traditional treatment, patients need to receive several injections a day.

A defining component of the system was the similarity of the chemical structures of glucose and gluconic acid. This means that the two molecules bond in very similar ways. When glucose encounters an insulin-polymer complex, it can displace some of the bound insulin and form its own chemical bonds with the polymer. Glucose binding also disrupts electrostatic attraction and further increases insulin release.

This method mimics the body’s natural process of secreting insulin in response to glucose.

The drug was tested on mice and miniature pigs. Trials have shown that low-dose insulin is most effective at restoring glucose levels to healthy levels after meals.

In the future, scientists plan to test the functioning of the smart insulin system in humans.

Previous scientists was created vibrating pill for obesity treatment.

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Source: Gazeta


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