An expert explains the dangers of hacking smart toothbrushes and other home devices 16:38

Dmitry Galov, head of Kaspersky Lab’s Russian research center, said: RIA NewsIt is stated that attackers can create a malware (software)-infected network from home smart (IoT) devices and then use it to carry out DDoS attacks or mine cryptocurrency.

He explained that attackers are often interested in the computing power of IoT devices that they can use for their own purposes.

“To do this, attackers secretly gain access to a maximum number of devices, create a botnet from them, which they can then commercialize, for example, by carrying out DDoS attacks or mining cryptocurrency using compromised devices,” the expert said.

He added that this also applies to devices that can be used for surveillance, including CCTV cameras.

Security researchers are also studying types of potential device attack threats that haven’t yet gained much attention from attackers. For example, attackers can hack a toothbrush or temperature sensor to track whether someone is home and choose the right time to break into an apartment and steal valuables. The expert also noted that so far this example looks more like a laboratory experiment than a real mass crime scenario.

Galov reminded us of cyber security rules when using smart devices for home. Therefore, when purchasing such devices, he advised to pay attention primarily to large companies that take a responsible approach to creating an ecosystem, which will increase confidence in the reliability of devices connected to the system. He also called for following updates and news about the vulnerabilities found. In addition, the user is recommended to change the password to a complex and unique combination, and also carefully check all the settings.

The expert noted the importance of changing the name and password when setting up a network, using strong encryption and making sure that the login page for the router settings is not visible on the Internet.

Previously hackers learned Stealing user information via Bluetooth.

Previous experts listed Stages of data hacking from industrial enterprises.

Source: Gazeta


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