“The future is not forbidden”: What Putin said about AI Putin at the forum: Artificial intelligence has opened a new page in the history of humanity 11.24.2023, 20:22

A revolution is taking place in the development of artificial intelligence. aforementioned Putin at the plenary session of the international conference “Journey to the World of Artificial Intelligence”.

“Experts call the ongoing processes a revolution, a fundamental breakthrough in the development of artificial intelligence. “I have already said that this is a completely new page in the development of humanity,” he emphasized.

He noted that the widespread use of artificial intelligence has become a part of daily life. The head of state admitted that not everything is going perfectly, but technology is already making life easier in many areas. As an example, Putin talked about how artificial intelligence helps create safe routes along the Northern Sea Route.

“Citizens see how artificial intelligence makes many daily processes simpler and more convenient. “Technologies of the new generation are actually becoming partners in various fields, partners of people,” he concluded.

He listed separately the areas where artificial intelligence capabilities are equal to or even superior to human capabilities. According to Putin, this is programming, design, drug development, film and music creation. According to the President, the use of artificial intelligence in the economic and social sphere of Russia in recent years has increased one and a half times.

“But I would like to point out right away that artificial intelligence cannot replace a healthcare worker or teacher. But it can serve as their faithful and effective assistant,” Putin said. The president explained that artificial intelligence, for example, could help diagnose a disease at an early stage.

He added that the use of machinery will make it possible to eliminate low-skilled labor in the future. There will continue to be more complex work areas where people need skilled professionals. This means higher paying jobs will emerge. The President believes that people’s wages and living standards will increase as a result.

“How can we make our country more efficient and make all people happy? This is the problem of artificial intelligence,” Putin said.

The President also touched upon the dangers associated with the advancement of technology. According to him, we need to think about where the limits of artificial intelligence are and “how humans will feel among machines.” These issues are causing serious debate around the world today, with some suggesting “halting” the development of artificial intelligence.

“I believe that the future will not lie in bans on the development of technology, that this is absolutely impossible. It is not possible to ban it, it will continue to develop. If we ban something it will develop elsewhere and we will be left behind, that’s all.“says Putin.

The government plans to further promote the development of artificial intelligence in Russia. The President listed various measures that should be taken:

  • Russia should become one of the “most comfortable jurisdictions in the world” for work in artificial intelligence. For this purpose, the government prepared changes to the law on Putin’s instructions. Experimental legal regimes in the field of digital innovation. As the President noted, the changes will eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy.
  • At the same time, care must be taken to protect Russians’ personal data. Putin explained that the same changes in legislation would also introduce liability for harm to health or property as a result of testing “groundbreaking technologies”.
  • Government agencies, libraries and archives at all levels should help train machines free and quickly. The President asked the government to consider how to regulate this.
  • Russian education must provide access to “supercomputers created in Russia.” Both school children and students working in the field of artificial intelligence should be provided with benefits in the use of necessary equipment. The power of Russian “supercomputers” must be greatly increased, the president said.
  • Leading universities in Russia Expansion of training programs for experts in the field of artificial intelligence. Including increasing the number of budget places.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the development of artificial intelligence has opened a new page in human history. According to him, artificial intelligence is already surpassing human capabilities in some areas. Putin is also confident that robots will not be able to completely replace humans in some professions, such as medicine and education. What Putin said about artificial intelligence at the forum is included in the material of socialbites.ca.

Source: Gazeta


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