They want to introduce recycling fees for smartphones and laptops in Russia 16:38

A recycling fee for imported electronics such as smartphones, laptops and video cameras could come into force in Russia by the end of 2024. In this respect reports “Parliamentary Gazette” (PG) refers to the results of the roundtable meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy of the Federation Council.

It is planned that the recycling collection process for electronic products will work according to the same system as for automobiles. The aim of the project is to provide additional funds to the budget that will be used to develop domestic producers as well as to clear the market from foreign sellers.

The round table was attended by representatives of the “Professional Video Surveillance Systems” and “Computer Technology” sector consortium, as well as the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

“We propose to introduce protective measures or recycling collection for products according to the five OKPD codes. Dmitry Klimov, head of the consortium “Professional Video Surveillance and Radio Communications”, said that these are “portable computers and smartphones”, “tablet computers”, “video cameras”, “image recording and playback equipment” and “assembled printed circuit boards”. Systems.”

The Ministry of Industry and Trade became interested in the proposed initiative. After the implementation of the project, the Ministry plans to support the proposal of the consortiums to label the lighting equipment according to the “Honest Brand” principle.

Russians before saidHow often should you replace smartphones?

Source: Gazeta


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