Russians told how often they should replace their smartphones 12:16

On average, a smartphone can be used without problems for 2.5 years. Then the device begins to “slow down”, the battery discharges faster and the camera takes photos and videos worse. In this respect reports RIA Novosti refers to Sergei Birzhev, an expert of the “Take Charge” service.

“By this time, there is a high probability that the camera will take lower quality photos and videos, the battery capacity will decrease, and the interface and programs will start to slow down,” Birzhev said.

According to him, the smartphone may begin to discharge faster not only due to battery wear, but also due to firmware updates. With each new version of the operating system, features appear that put more load on the processor and therefore the battery. In this case, even replacing the battery will not help.

Over time, the smartphone may start to shut down or reboot itself. This is inconvenient and may expose the user to additional risk if they need to communicate in an emergency.

“So you run the risk of being deprived of communication at an important moment when bargaining or waiting for a taxi, as well as losing data built into the phone’s memory,” Birzhev added.

Previously Google started Deliberately slow down YouTube.

Source: Gazeta


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