Europe is moving to a single charging standard for all electronics: USB-C. This is a historic decision.

The European Union plans to introduce requirements for a single port for charging electronic devices on its territory in the coming weeks. It will be USB-C, so Apple will have to abandon its own Lightning connector.

Europe is moving to a single charging standard for all electronics: USB-C.  This is a historic decision.

European politicians have been pushing for a common standard for more than a decade, talking about the amount of waste caused by unused chargers and the inconvenience to users. And now the decision has been made. Now in the EU there will be a single charging standard for smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, headphones, e-readers, digital cameras and so on – USB-C.

The new requirements specify that laptops must be upgraded to the new standard within 40 months of the entry into force of these rules. It is also noted that if the device supports fast charging, any compatible memory will run at the same speed.

Finally, users can choose whether to buy new electronic equipment with or without a charger. And they also receive all the data about compatible memory and the characteristics of new models of electronic devices.

It is not yet known how Apple will react to this, but the company has long resisted the introduction of USB-C, although it uses it on the MacBook. Blizzard is back under the hat – now because of the mobile “Diabla”

Source: VG Times


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