Blogger found out how much titanium is actually in the case of the iPhone 15 Pro Max 13:59

Technology blogger Zach Nelson, who performs on YouTube under the pseudonym JerryRigEverything, cut the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a grinder to measure the thickness of the titanium layer used in the body of the smartphone. To the blogger’s new video returned Attention editors of WccfTech publication.

The cutout made it possible to see that the frame of the smartphone is an alloy of aluminum and titanium, as Apple stated. The inner part of the frame is made of aluminum and titanium is used to cover it. The new metal layer on the iPhone 15 Pro Max measures about one millimeter as measured by Zach Nielson.

The blogger noted that layered fusion of metals is a complex process. The outcome of Apple’s work impressed Nilsson and he praised the company.

The smartphone was discontinued only after the blogger removed all the components. During the teardown, Nilsson chastised Apple for using too many mounting screws.

The new JerryRigEverything video received more than 3 million views, 126 thousand likes and more than 6 thousand comments on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

Previously disassembled iPhone 15 Pro showed high maintenance of smartphone.

Source: Gazeta


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