NVIDIA Studio updates its drivers and introduces new features in COMPUTEX 2022

Undoubtedly, Nvidia has been in the limelight. Computex 2022Where the North American manufacturer leverages its presence to present various innovations of the ecosystem Studiocolumns aiming to combine synergy between computers, design programs and graphics card drivers.

With the new release, the company confirms an improvement in the functioning of one of the most popular editing, color grading and visual effects applications. DaVinci Solution 18Featuring new features that leverage the power of RTX GPUs:

Automatic Depth Map It uses artificial intelligence to create a 3D depth matte that separates the foreground from the background in a scene, allowing creators to easily add creative effects and color corrections to shots.

Object Mask Tracking It uses artificial intelligence and a neural engine to recognize and track the movement of thousands of unique objects, including animals, vehicles, people and food.

Surface Trackingmeanwhile, it uses CUDA cores found in RTX GPUs to allow creators to add static or motion graphics to almost anything that moves or changes perspective.

“An interesting news has also emerged”everywhere” is the app used by content creators and technical artists around the world as a hub to connect their 3D workflows. During the event, new features were presented for the cloud services suite “Omniverse Cloud” (beta), as well as confirmation that Omniverse Cloud Simple Share is now available in early access. Continuing with the “Omniverse” platform, new singularities have emerged that will be of great help to all creators and artists:

update”Omniverse Audio2Face”, with full AI-powered facial animation control and an animation feature that generates realistic facial expressions from an audio file, will be released soon.

Omniverse XR” (beta), the world’s first high-fidelity ray-traced virtual reality, will allow modelers to see every reflection, shadow, and limitless light almost instantly.

An update has been confirmed for “.All Universe Machines”, with a redesigned sequencer, as well as animation and rendering features that will make it easier for 3D artists to create animated shorts.

Finally, the arrival of new laptops equipped with some of the most powerful GPUs on the market has been announced: the “GeForce RTX 3080 Ti”, ideal for working in video games and enjoying the latest technology, and the “RTX A5500”, a card. Graphics designed specifically for the professional industry. Manufacturers such as ASUS with the Zenbook Pro and Vivobook Pro, Lenovo with the Slim 7 Pro series, Acer with the ConceptD5, and HP with the ZBook Studio G9 and HP Envy 16 notebooks are just some examples of PCs on offer.

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