Develop your mental strength according to Rafa Nadal

As we’ve seen, the energy on the pitch were key factors in Rafa Nadal’s winning the coaching and preparation trophies, but his mental strength, flexibility and ability to concentrate allowed him to make the difference in a mentally demanding sport. as tennis.

This mental control of the game doesn’t just apply to tennis, although it’s true that individual sports are more demanding on a mental level, developing mental strength can be very beneficial in all types of sports, including team sports.

How to have the mental strength for every day?

Mental strength is a very useful tool for athletes, but as you can imagine, managing emotions and thoughts is a fundamental factor in our daily lives.

Just as Rafa Nadal has to deal with demands, stress and difficult situations during the match, you also have to face negative situations in your daily life, both in the workplace and in the personal area. This is where mental strength can be a great ally.

Below are some very helpful tips to overcome all these complex situations we face every day:

  • Analyze the situation with perspective to make the best decision. Visualizing your goals and focusing on them will help you achieve this.

  • Have a positive attitude. Self-criticism can be helpful, but always to the right extent. Relativize your mistakes, steer clear of negative thoughts, and treat yourself with respect.

  • Your past is your best teacher. Failure and disappointment are part of the process, but we should not get caught up in these thoughts and use them to our advantage to learn from them and become the best version of ourselves.

With these keys you can train your mind until you reach your best version. But remember that it takes time to achieve good mental strength and, like any process, its evolution is not linear. Enjoy the journey, be aware of everything you’ve accomplished so far, and let yourself relax and unwind whenever you need it.

What Is a Better Connection?

Better Connection a Telefónica content platform Successful personalities such as Ferran Adrià, Teresa Perales, Javier Gómez Noya or Nacho Azofra, or other characters such as entrepreneur Javier Perea or violinist Kamran, “When we’re connected, we can do amazing things”; the universal truth from which Better Connection.

Better Connected’s goal is nothing more than to value the power of human connections: “We want to make our world more human by connecting people’s lives,” he says. José María Álvarez-Pallete, President of Telefónica.

«At Telefónica we believe in a more humane world. A world that moves thanks to people’s talents. That’s why we support the talent we know best: combining it. Better Connection He wants to be a place where you can be inspired, find each other, connect and achieve incredible things,” he explains. Rafael Fernández de Alarcón, Telefónica Director of Brands, Sponsorships and Media.

What can we find in each part of the platform?

in the section ‘Amazing stories’ References of some well-known brand ambassadors such as the aforementioned tennis player Rafa Nadal, chef Ferrán Adrià, Paralympic swimmer Teresa Perales, triathlete Javier Gómez Noya or former basketball player Nacho Azofra will be showcased. Also, Javier Perea from Wayra start-up or violinist Kamran Omarli from the Telefónica Violin Chair at the Reina Sofia School of Music tell their stories.

Similarly, we can find them on Better Connected along with their stories. ‘Learn with the experts’. This is a series of small “master classes” in which great personalities such as Perico Delgado, Pablo Laso, Iñaki Gabilondo, Toni Nadal, María Zabala or Amaya Valdemoro offer advice and thoughts in first person that can serve as inspiration and learning. . In short, building better relationships day by day.

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