eFootball 2024 opens the virtual football season with all these innovations

Update for ‘eFootball 2024‘. That’s right, dear readers, in the virtual segment of this football season, the recently published “Version 3.0.0It’s part of Konami’s sports offering, which apparently provides unprecedented elements that improve the experience, boost content, improve gameplay, and add more players to the popular entertainment format.

Konami renews its oath with the king of the sport

One of the highlights of the renewal is the improvement in freedoms. ball controlThis allows possibilities to be added when scoring goals. More agility has also been added regarding the response to commands; this will allow dribbling and passing to be performed with new precision, as well as opening up new movement options. As it can be understood from the information provided by the Japanese entertainment company, it is aimed to offer more challenging matches depending on the difficulty chosen by improving the movements and movements of the defenders and goalkeepers, as well as artificial intelligence.


Improved the response after touching the ball for controls and dribbling; this is something that will allow players to steer the ball with finer touches. There were also instances with mid-height balls where players had to pass the ball immediately after receiving it due to poor feedback. Now there are more options like holding the ball and dribbling under the same conditions. There were also cases where players tried to find the castle even though they were very close to it. hit the ball Making a wide move that allows the opponent to steal the ball before they shoot. For this reason, new moves have been added for players to try to shoot close to the goal with a narrow margin. power barThe priority is to hit the ball quickly, taking into account the conditions.

Body orientation is one of the most important elements in football.

Once the update is installed, players will be more aware of where their opponent’s target is and will receive passes. The purpose of these adjustments is to make the transition to scoring chances smoother. The next time you play a game, you may notice: athletes no longer try to pick up the ball with their backs to the goal or is shot too often with an unnatural stance.

Another thing to highlight is the implementation of a new special feature “Push” that enhances the enhancements. specific statistics It allows the player to exceed the normal limit of 99. In the news section, those in charge also envisioned the inclusion of new game modes that would allow the format to expand its possibilities. “The time of the year everyone has dreamed of is back, players will put on their shoes to shine in the new season and summer transfers are eager to perform at their new club. In eFootball 2024 you can hit the pitch with the most up-to-date player and kit data. You will also be able to enjoy it.”

eFootball 2024 – Launch Trailer

You are invited to the 2024 season

To celebrate the arrival of the new version of the sports title, konami “A new chapter is starting for eFootball. To give fans around the world the opportunity to enjoy a new game with unmatched realism. That motto has since become our biggest goal.” The creation of eFootball will never change. As we open this new page in the calendar in real football, eFootball turns from 2023 to 2024.”

It should be noted that the above applies to already existing versions of the game. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, iOS and Android. To take advantage of all the new features, simply download the existing free version that already includes all the new features or update the version you have installed on your entertainment system.

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