A woman gnaws an anti-theft cable at a store to steal an iPhone 17:24

Fujian police arrested a woman who stole an iPhone 14 Plus from an electronics store. He gnawed at the anti-theft cable that held the smartphone to the counter. In this respect informs Publications of the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

The scene where the smartphone was stolen was reflected in the security camera. The woman approached the stand, covered the device with her hand, and tested the strength of the cable with a few bites at first. After making sure that no one was looking at her, the woman chewed the cable to the end, then put the smartphone in her bag and left.

The thief was caught 30 minutes after leaving the store. found guilty of damages of 7,000 yuan (approximately 95 thousand rubles at the exchange rate of 4 September 2023); that’s exactly what an iPhone 14 Plus costs in a robbed store.

The woman told the police that she really wanted to buy a new Apple smartphone, but the purchase was too expensive for her.

SCMP writes that footage from the store’s security camera spread rapidly on Chinese social media.

Formerly Chinese retailers started You will receive the first boxes of the iPhone 15, the announcement of which will only be made next week.

Source: Gazeta


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