Roskomnadzor may start blocking websites with instructions to bypass restrictions 15:36

The Russian Ministry of Digital Development has drafted a resolution that will allow Roskomnadzor to block websites containing information on how to circumvent the blocking. The relevant document was published on: portal drafting legal regulations.

According to the draft decision, changes will be made in the criteria for the evaluation of materials and information necessary for Roskomnadzor to take a blocking decision. The document will be discussed until September 15.

On September 1, the Russians can complain To prohibited content using the form on the Roskomnadzor website. The statement about the novelty, which is already available to citizens, was made at the Moscow International Book Fair by the deputy head of the department, Vadim Subbotin. He explained that applications left on the site will be checked by Roskomnadzor employees.

On August 30, the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation supplied A draft government decree that assumes that all mobile operators must transfer their subscribers’ data to Roskomnadzor. In the draft text, it is stated that it is planned to transfer to Roskomnadzor information about the “surname, first name and surname of the subscriber and the user of the subscriber’s communication services”, as well as information about the date of conclusion and termination of the contract. contract with subscribers.

First time in Roskomnadzor before attractive Responsible WhatsApp messenger for refusing to delete prohibited information.

Source: Gazeta


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