Why did Xbox reject the offer to make video games under the Marvel license?

If Microsoft’s executives had accepted Marvel’s offer that day, they’d probably have ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man‘, one of the great successes of PlayStation 4 as a cross-platform title. Journalist Steven L. Kent explains in his book ‘The Ultimate Story of Video Games Vol 2’: xbox turned down an offer that could make their console the home of Marvel-licensed games.

As he explained, Jay Ong, vice president and president of Marvel Games, has decided to end the company’s relationship with Activision due to the low quality of the Spider-Man games it makes. After terminating the contract, the manager told the developer he would look for a “better home” Where are these rights entrusted? Shortly after, he held meetings with Sony and Microsoft to see if they were interested in signing an exclusive alliance. According to the book, the offer put Marvel at a disadvantage, as it doesn’t have a major partnership with major publishers and is unaware of each producer’s intentions.

Microsoft chose to focus on their own brands

According to the vice president of Marvel Games, those responsible for Microsoft have decided not to proceed with the offer as their strategy requires as much attention as possible to their intellectual property. Sony seems more understanding: “I sat with these two Sony executives, Adam Boyes and John Drake, in a conference room in Burbank in August 2014,” Ong explains. “I imagine it’s possible, that we can beat Arkham and have one or more games that could increase the sales of its platform,” I said. The proposal was immediately accepted by Sony, who proposed the creation of a game with the highest production values ​​​​(Triple A), developed by Insomniac Games and considered one of the most important programming partners at the time – the studio was to be bought. by the Japanese company shortly thereafter.

Waiting for the sequel and premiere of Wolverine

The result was the release of ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’, which sold over 20 million copies and created a parallel movie starring Miles Morales. Currently working on the sequel of the game, Insomniac plans to produce an adventure starring Wolverine, which will be exclusive to PlayStation platforms, after the success of the first “superhero” project.

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