Musk talked about the danger of taking power from artificial intelligence in China 10:07

Elon Musk, head of Tesla and SpaceX, warned top Chinese leaders that the creation of super-intelligent AI in the country could lead to a loss of power for the Chinese Communist Party. It has been reported business insider With reference to a businessman’s post on the Twitter Spaces service.

“At a meeting in Beijing, we discussed the dangers of AI and the potential of this technology to topple the government in the country. I think it really resonated with them. Musk said that no government wants to be replaced by digital superintelligence.

Musk noted that this is why he founded a new company called xAI, which aims to compete with OpenAI and other technology companies in the field of artificial intelligence technologies in terms of helping people.

“In terms of the fact that humans are much more interesting than robots, I believe it has to be pro-human to try to understand the universe,” the entrepreneur added.

Musk has expressed his concerns several times about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence becoming a kind of “superintelligence” with capabilities beyond the grasp of humanity.

During the broadcast, he assured that he would do so “if it could press a pause in the development of artificial intelligence”. However, the billionaire stated that in the current circumstances this is an unrealistic scenario.

Formerly Elon Musk discretion China’s role in the future of AI.

Source: Gazeta


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