AI replaces almost all people at an Indian company’s support desk 18:43

AI replaces almost all people at an Indian company’s support desk 18:43

Summit Shah, CEO of Indian e-commerce startup Dukaan, has replaced 90% of customer support representatives with a chatbot that has proven to be far more efficient than humans. In this respect informs CNN’s edition.

According to Shah, the chatbot, which replaced human operators, was created in Dukaan in two days by one of the company’s employees. The head of the company claims that the bot is many times more effective than humans.

If the operator prepares an answer in an average of 1 minute and 44 seconds, the program responds immediately. Shah claims the bot reduces the average time required to resolve a customer issue by 98%.

Discounts in Dukaan took place in September 2022 – 23 people lost their jobs. Shah described the procedure as “difficult but necessary”. The new app enabled the company to cut help desk costs by around 85%.

Shah is confident that in the future robots will not put people out of any kind of job. The businessman believes that the economy is adapting to new realities where humans and artificial intelligence will do what everyone does best.

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