US investigates whether ChatGPT violates consumer protection

creator ChatGPT Faced with its greatest threat arrangement inside United States of America. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched an investigation to determine whether the company is. turn on AI According to an exclusive report from The Washington Post, you have violated consumer protection laws and compromised your personal data.

The Baskent newspaper states that the state agency sent it to the government this week. artificial intelligence (IA) a request for you to describe what steps you have taken to address the risks associated with your products. The US Congress and its administration Joe Biden To negotiate a new law regulating AI, OpenAI must comply with consumer protection provisions. In case of non-compliance with the rules, the company owned Microsoft may be fined and forced to change the use of the device. data users

ChatGPT is based on major language models, a technology that allows it to answer user questions based on the information it finds. Internet. Convincing as it may sound, this chatbot also makes mistakes. The FTC has asked OpenAI to report all complaints this tool has received about others with “false, misleading, derogatory, or harmful” claims to determine whether users are engaging in deceptive practices that “harm their reputation.” .

A blow to OpenAI’s intentions

Launched to the public in November, ChatGPT’s popularity skyrocketed, surpassing 100,000 users in just two months. Its disruption triggered a trade war between tech giants like Microsoft. Google anyone Aim those who want to be the first to conquer a market that promises billion-dollar benefits.

Over the past few months, OpenAI Co-Founder and CEO, sam altmantook advantage of ChatGPT’s increased weight to try to influence AI regulation. As such, he embarked on a world tour which led him to meet presidents like Pedro S├ínchez or Emmanuel Macron, among others. regulation European Union (UE) has already been approved and will directly affect ChatGPT. It is expected to arrive much later in the US. The FTC investigation could hurt Altman’s attempts to set the pace.

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