Apex Legends Mobile is now free to download on iOS and Android

Apex Legends Mobile‘, the new strategy Battle Royale set in the immersive universe of the series, is now available for iOS and Android devices. Designed from the ground up to compete on mobile platforms, the video game brings with it the action format that has been very successful on consoles and computers. This launch also aims to provide gamers with a new opportunity to connect with their own universe, so that fans both new and old will have the opportunity to expand the experience through features and innovations focused on such devices, allowing them to play on such devices anytime and anywhere. from any place.

The beginning of a new phase

Season 1 will introduce the first Legend, fade; A super soldier using technology with a powerful tactical ability that allows him to reset before a match and reward both offensive and defensive play. In addition, a mobile experience has also been launched, death match Along with the Season 1: Prime Time Battle Pass, which will have new features that Apex fans can be introduced to the experience with, and will be able to pick up cosmetics from the store to celebrate the launch.

In ‘Apex Legends Mobile’, players can join forces with two friends to compete with other players, thus combining the abilities of each character to create synergy and dominate the games. co-developed by Lightspeed and Quantum Studios and Respawn Entertainment include the legends, abilities and locations players know, with mobile tuning, simplified controls and optimizations designed to make competition feel fast and fun.

modes and challenges

It also offers a monthly Battle Pass system, Legendary Progression, weekly challenges, improved social systems, and more. In any case, the Mobile version for launch includes the following maps and modes: Battle Royale on the World’s End map; 3v3 arena mode Thermal Station, Artillery and Overflow; New mobile battle mode on five maps: Market, Artillery, Overflow, Thermal Station and finally Skull Town.

Apex Legends Mobile – Gameplay Launch Trailer

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