WhatsApp only notifies admins that a member of a group chat has left

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users quietly leave the group, just to inform the administrator(s) from these group chats instead of all the people who are part of it.

Currently, when a group member leaves a group chat, instant messaging app notifies all users of this chat this came out of it.

Now, the private portal WABetaInfo has warned of a change to this system in the beta version of WhatsApp for Desktop, as the company is working on a new function that notifies only the admin or admins of a group when a member of the group chat leaves. .

Before leaving a group, users will receive a notification that only the admins of the group will know that they have left the group. This popup offers two options, ‘Cancel’ or ‘Leave Group’ to stay in the relevant chat.

WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is developing this feature, and although it appears in the Desktop version, It’s likely to come to iOS and Android soon.

It should be noted that WhatsApp has recently implemented improvements to the application; these include extending the limit of people who can join a group chat to 512.

Source: Informacion


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