Journalists talked about the game controller on the US nuclear submarine 18:35

The US Virginia-class nuclear submarine uses a controller similar to the gamepad on the Titan submersible, but unlike the submersible, it does not control the device, but is responsible for the viewing angle of the submarine’s photon mast. It was reported by journalists Popular Mechanics.

“Almost all military forces today use game controllers to control equipment. Virginia-class nuclear submarines use Xbox controllers to control the submarine’s photon mast. This device replaces the traditional periscope surveillance system.

Journalists also cited the example of the US Air Force using controllers from game consoles in virtual simulators, and the Stryker virtual reality military simulator allows all detachments of Stryker armored personnel carriers to train together in a single virtual world.

“Gamepads are actually quite common in the military, although some may see it (gamepad for control. – as a sign of incompetence,” the journalists concluded.

journalists first learned He cites a CBS report released Sunday Morning about using a Logitech F710 controller to control a submersible. The gamepad can still be found on sale at a price of 2.5 thousand rubles.

The wreckage of the submersible Titan was found on June 22 in the Atlantic near where the Titanic sank. Touristic submarine company OceanGate has organized tours for those who want to see the underwater wreck of the famous ship.

Source: Gazeta


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