WhatsApp number that allows you to find out details about your contacts

world instant messaging has improved a lot in recent years. Today everyone is wearing smart phone one or more applications are installed that allow instant communication with anyone in your pocket and phone book.

Undoubtedly the most popular of these apps is WhatsApp, owned by Meta, which has become the most streamlined channel. interpersonal communication in today’s society.

The possibilities that WhatsApp offers in terms of privacy are very high. The platform ensures that communication is confidential through initiatives such as: end-to-end encryptionthis means that messages are not stored on servers and therefore only on sending and receiving terminals.

However, there are some details that are revealed in all this encryption mechanism, one of the most notable being that discovered through the functionality of the encryption. to indicate, to declare.

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These states are temporary releases, ‘Story‘ (following the footsteps of Snapchat or Instagram) are visible 24 hours a day by the people who decide to post them.

have a range of technical knowledge and urls it is possible to create a unique table in which each state produces mysql access ‘record‘ (record) of the exact dates and times (record) at which each user accesses and thus stores other data. IP address or information about the connection from which each was accessed.

This ID To find out which link each link corresponds to will be done simply by comparing the general information provided by WhatsApp about the access time of each person with the data of that particular record.

The only thing the user can do to block access to this data is ‘Privacy‘ read receipt function or a vpn this protects browsing data.

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