Nvidia head reveals an easy way to become a programmer 4:30 PM

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said the proliferation of new AI tools will allow anyone to become a programmer effortlessly. It has been reported business insider.

“The programming barrier is incredibly low. Now we can all be programmers – you just need to say something to the computer,” Huang said at the Computex conference in Taipei.

He also stated that the ability to write code by entering a few commands into an AI system will help bridge the “digital gap” between humans and increase the level of development of programming.

Nvidia processors support artificial intelligence enhancements such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot. The company is interested in expanding AI as systems require more powerful chips that Nvidia is actively developing.

Huang is confident that artificial intelligence is revolutionizing computing. “In each computing era, you can do different things that weren’t possible before, and artificial intelligence certainly fits the definition of a new era,” said the Nvidia president.

In March, T1 Group CEO Igor Kalganov He told socialbites.ca About whether IT professionals should fear AI and see it as a competitor. According to him, writing code will eventually become a task that artificial intelligence will definitely solve on its own.

Source: Gazeta


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