Fasthost: users browse social media feed equal to 140km per year

The average user spends 108 minutes a day browsing social media and scrolls about 30cm every five seconds. informs PC Mag portal with link to British provider Fasthost. This means that a finger travels 0.38 km per day.

Thus, during the week the finger “crosses” a distance equal to 2.7 km per month – in a month – 12.1 km, and in a year – 141.9 km, which is approximately equal to 3.4 marathons.

Fasthost experts also calculated that this way, the finger of the average smartphone and social media user could “cross” the Earth in 282.4 years. To reach the Moon, the finger will need 2.7 thousand years, and Mars – 1.5 million years. The finger will reportedly need 27.8 years to travel along the 3.9,000km-long main US Route 66.

Formerly said about the phobias brought on by technology. Among them, nomophobia is the fear of being without a phone. In the absence of a smartphone, those suffering from this disease develop a decrease in irritability, mood swings, anxiety and sometimes even depression.

Source: Gazeta


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