Apple will turn iPad into laptop

The US Patent and Trademark Office has found an Apple patent for a new keyboard for the iPad. informs Patented Apple Portal. It is followed from the document that the company’s tablets will receive support for the macOS operating system or a similar interface.

The system interface, which is the same as macOS, was chosen to improve the usability of the keyboard. Patently Apple’s editors believe that the company will not abandon iPadOS on tablets in standard mode. But when connected to a keyboard that has not yet been released, an interface mode will open in the spirit of MacBook and iMac. Another detail revealed by the patent is that the Apple Pencil can fit into the hinge that secures the iPad to the accessory.

It is stated that these patents have been approved and Apple may start testing a prototype of a new keyboard in the near future. At the same time, the release date of the accessory is also unknown.

Formerly saidHe said that Apple has discontinued updates and support for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 2 tablets.

Source: Gazeta


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