Elon Musk plans to sell Twitter in three years

Citing sources familiar with the subject without giving details, the newspaper adds:It is in contact with private investment funds to help it pay off the 21,000 million it has pledged to contribute as its own fund for the acquisition. social network,, After consulting Twitter shareholders and regulators.

According to the newspaper, Musk is in touch with private investment funds to help him pay off the 21,000 million he has pledged to contribute as his own fund. The social network is one of the funders of Apollo Global Management.

The purpose of the operation, which will be to remove Twitter from the agenda in the next few years, is to convince investors that the social network can quickly increase its profitability, thereby making it more attractive.

Musk didn’t give much concrete clues about what he plans to do with Twitter. Beyond the financial aspects, but referring to policies regarding moderation of hateful or extremist content, he implied that he wanted to reduce what he called “censorship” on the network.

The billionaire tweeted on Tuesday that there are “organizations that want to control your access to information,” commenting: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

Source: Informacion


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