We have learned about the first trailer of the Metal Gear Solid 3 20:28 remake.

Japanese company Konami plans to announce and show the first trailer for the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake at E3 in June 2023. It has been reported twitter Andy Robinson, editor of the VGC gaming portal.

“The remake of MGS3 is scheduled for release in 2024, and there is still talk of re-releases of other games in the Metal Gear Solid series. They plan to attend E3. “This is the last information I know,” said the journalist.

According to Robinson, only the cancellation of the exhibition can thwart these plans. Officially, E3 is scheduled for June 13-16, 2023, but the editor claims that organizers are still suspicious.

“At any rate, Konami will show up somewhere. [с ремейком Metal Gear Solid 3]”, – added the journalist. He concluded that due to the absence of many large companies in the industry, the organizers would not be surprised to officially announce the cancellation of E3 in 2023.

It was previously reported that Konami was also involved. can send At E3 in 2023, a new installment in the Castlevania series.

The original Metal Gear Solid 3 was released on the PlayStation 2 game console in 2004. It is the third game in the MGS series created under the guidance of Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima. According to the plot, the American special agent “Snake” (Snake) enters the USSR to remove scientist Nikolai Sokolov from the country and interfere with the development of the Shagohod tank, which can fire nuclear missiles.

Source: Gazeta


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