Bloggers recreate the bulletproof suit on John Wick 09:19

Enthusiasts from the Hacksmith Industries YouTube channel published A video showing the work of a bulletproof suit like the protagonist of the movie “John Wick”, which took a little over a year to make.

It is stated that the development of such a team cost bloggers $ 96,000 (about 7.35 million rubles). The bulletproof suit looks like a three-piece suit, but in addition to the usual materials, it uses 20 layers of Kevlar and a special kind of thin plastic.

Thanks to the tests, it was possible to find out that such a suit is able to withstand firing a 45-caliber bullet from an MP5 submachine gun. Thus, when firing, the bullet passes through the outer layer of the suit and stays inside without breaking the inside.

Such a solution is likely to prevent bullet holes in the wearer, but is unlikely to protect the body from physical damage.

Formerly saidAn enthusiast has created a PotatoP laptop that will last two years on a single charge.

Source: Gazeta


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