Expert Samoylenko talked about problems with the smartphone screen due to the protective glass 12:17

Ivan Samoilenko, managing partner of the communication agency B&C Agency, told that cracks can form in the protective glass of the smartphone, as a result of which the screen of the device may be damaged.

“If the glass has cracks and chips, it is not a big deal for many, people generally continue to use the device even though the glass can no longer perform some of its functions. “Dust clogs into cracks and chips, as a result of which the device’s screen gradually deteriorates,” he said.

According to the expert, all glass and smartphone manufacturers recommend replacing the glass at least once a year. However, the specialist is sure that if noticeable chips appeared on the protective glass, it should be replaced, even if only two or three months have passed.

“It should be noted that even if the glass is relatively intact, without obvious damage, it may already be covered with a mesh of scratches. This reduces the functions of the glass when using a smartphone – a very long response when pressed, some malfunctions in the gadget may indicate this, ”said Samoilenko.

Kirill Sitnov, formerly a hardware specialist and lecturer at the Moscow Programmers School (MSP) named top 5 dangerous habitscan “throw” the smartphone.

Source: Gazeta


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